High Pass - Humble Beginnings

Please I just want to Sleep

Koro felt tired. The cold and constant change of sleep schedule was taking its toll on his body and spirit. Normally he loved the winter months, it was the time for nature to rest and await its rebirth in the spring. Animals cared for their young in winter burrows or slumbered while their bodies created new life. But rest was not forthcoming for Koro his spirit was in turmoil and he was unable to enter his recuperative rest. He was tired. Ever since the demons left their unholy taint within his allowed place of worship. Then the Orcs had raided in the middle of the night. Koro was awake; he seems to always be awake anymore, at least that is how his soul felt, unrested. Then sweet rest was upon him. It didn’t come to him in the comfort of his bed. It was at the end of a spear. The last thing he heard as the spear came down was “Maybe it is your time to die, Natural Selection an all.” Dark oblivion consumed him and he was at rest, at peace, finally calm. Then the pain returned with the flickering of torches. Koro sat up and felt his spirit at peace. It wasn’t his time. He was strong. He was worthy. He gathered his friends and began to pray for the Ravaging Mother to bless them with health and strength.
After the event Koro felt a new surge of energy and motivation. He sought after Master Cleric Dom and asked if he could cleanse and repurpose one of the ritual rooms in the basement. He wished to create a small altar to his god. He was denied and told that the rooms were for all the residents and not just for his purpose. So Koro did the next best thing and asked Sgt. Garvin if he could create a small linear flower bed and set it up near his bed. He was given permission as long as it didn’t, and I quote “Smell like cow ass, dead shit or assault the delicate sensibilities of the other girls I was bunking with and as long as it didn’t take over the room like a hooker’s pillow collection.”
He set forth on his project to bring him closer to his deity and the faint memory of the peaceful slumber from that verdant blackout.

(Koro will more than likely be AFG for the next session or two)



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