Burflag the Throganator


Halfling Fighter


Halflings are wanderers. Sometimes they wander into places they don’t belong. Sometimes, their villages are raided by orcs and everyone is killed except an infant that the orcs take as a captive. And one of those times, the orcs name that halfling, Burflag. Burflag the Throganator.

Burflag was the orc chieftain’s “lucky charm”. The chieftain took him everywhere. Over the course of his early years Burflag learned to fight with a vicious, no rules, no-holds-bared ferocity. Eventually, Burflag learned the truth and killed the chieftain in cold-blood and fled the orc camp under the cover of darkness.

Burflag came to Highpass, a sliver of civilization away from the raiding lifestyle. Burflag has learned what it means to fight for a greater cause, but the whole “good/evil” thing is lost on him. If someone wants to kill you, you kill them first.

So tremble all ye taller than 3’0", for Burflag the Throganator is taller than you when you are laying in a pool of your own blood.


Burflag the Throganator

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