Sir Barrister Von Gillar

Leader of High Pass


Sir Barrister Von Gillar is known to the people of the village of Rojon to be a stern but fair master, with a keen eye for talent and a strict devotion to his duty as well as his people. He is the current leader of High Pass, a paladin who was knighted by the Duke of Wardenhall. He was charged with the station of protecting a single pass high in the mountains, building his fort (and a small village nearby) with a great wall to seal off threats to the region from the east. He has done so for the past 30 years, faithfully serving both the royal family in Wardenhall and his deity Torm, instructing his younger charges in the care and service of duty to the crown, to the royal family, and to the family at High Pass.


Sir Barrister Von Gillar

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